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Kemet Newsletter was established in 2007 by Jude Cowan. Information can be read on this website under the heading Articles 1 - 10
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The Organization of Calypso Performing Artistes (OCPA) is a non-profit organization, which was founded in 1981 by a group of community-based individuals

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Tel: 416-391-5608
Fax: 416-391-5693
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   Tropicana Community Services
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Canada Government

The City of Toronto                                                                                                                                            


Canada Revenue Agency 1-800-959-8281


Service Canada 1-800-277-9914


Canada Seniors


Transport Canada



Compound Interest

  Loan Payment Calculator


Mortgage Amortization  (Monthly)  (Yearly)


Canada Security Course



Language Translation



Metric Conversion






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The College of Physicians of Ontario


Ontario Ministry of Health


Medical Information 


Real estate

Canada House Search